Intelligence Analysis

NCUS performs full-spectrum intelligence analysis, and monitors the needs of the intelligence community in order to rapidly respond to changing requirements and missions. Our experience includes single source analysis of SIGINT, GEOINT, CI/HUMINT and TECHINT. NCUS currently provides the Analytic Core of subject matter expertise responding to USEUCOM and USAFRICOM Priority Intelligence and Information Requirements. We also provide All Source Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination for Joint Intelligence Preparation of the Operating Environment and support to Geographic Combatant Commander (GCC) Targeting Cells.

“New Century’s Staff continue to provide deep knowledge and understanding for U.S. and NATO, and serve as a tremendous force multiplier. ”

Commanding Officer, NATO Intelligence Fusion Center (NIFC), 2017.

Train, Advise and Assist

New Century US (NCUS) is an elite trainer for law enforcement and military training requirements.  We provide advanced training for law enforcement and intelligence professionals all over the world. Our training goes beyond the classroom to the real environments in which your organization works every day. We deliver customized training solutions in tactics, information gathering, criminal investigation, analysis and management of sensitive operations. NCUS has pioneered the concept of both on-site and remote mentoring solutions that enhance training and provide significant advisory and professional development support for your real-world missions.

“given the state of the country… progress has been remarkable”

Rand Corporation

Consulting & Innovations

NCUS provides strategic planning and consulting services to support new program implementation and operational or process enhancement initiatives. We examine organizational performance, and conduct requirements analysis, business process reengineering, Information Technology (IT) planning, Analysis of Alternatives (AOA), and business case development.  We deliver strategic plans that align your organization’s vision and mission, and provide performance management solutions that enables operations that are more effective, significantly faster, and cheaper. We support our programs with comprehensive monitoring and evaluation efforts that track organizational performance and ensure that customers realize the anticipated benefits of the technology.

“Capabilities that integrate technology and deliver solutions that are measurably effective and sustainable.”

Four Star General, Afghan National Army