New Century US (NCUS) has successfully partnered with DECO, Inc. to expand its base of Antiterrorism Training/Consultation efforts under the Global Antiterrorism Assistance II (GATA II) Program. NCUS has provided Antiterrorism Training across the globe for the past decade and has been actively delivering Law Enforcement Programs in Southeast Asia over the past two years. Under recent Task Orders received under GATA II, NCUS will be expanding training and consultation projects in Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand over the next 18 months. NCUS will provide Senior Crisis Management Seminars and Executive Leadership Forums at the national level that focus on Antiterrorism and Law Enforcement issues that are currently affecting these three Southeast Asian countries.

“These recent awards reflect our commitment to countering terror and organized crime worldwide – and in SE Asia in particular”, commented NCUS President Scott Jacobs. ”We look forward to further programmatic growth as we work to support the evolving training needs in the entire region.”

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