New Century US (NCUS) Awarded Contract For Strategic Consulting Support to Honduras Ministry of Security

NCUS was selected to provide strategic consulting support for the Government of Honduras (GOH) to accelerate the implementation and ensure the success of security enhancements identified in the Ministry of Security’s Strategic Framework for 2015 – 2022. NCUS is working directly with the Minister of Security, senior Ministry of Security representatives, and officials from other relevant GOH ministries. The contract provides a foundation for all future GOH security initiatives and a basis for requesting assistance from other organizations and entities to enhance Honduran security in the future.

GOH security goals are focused on preventing violent crime, strengthening criminal investigation and intelligence capabilities, increasing citizen confidence in the effectiveness of the police, and improving the transparency and accountability of security operations. NCUS is identifying strategic plans and developing projects that will demonstrate an integrated approach for aligning GOH security resources. The contract includes four related NCUS initiatives:

  • Creating a high-level Implementation Plan for GOH security initiatives that may be supported by U.S. funding, including near-term plans for implementation of priority elements of the security plan.
  • Supporting the implementation plan with a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Plan that provides the measures needed for monitoring and evaluating the plan over time.
  • Developing a Communications Plan to assist the GOH in presenting its plans for enhancing security internally within Honduras and externally, and obtaining U.S. funding to assist in implementation of GOH plans.
  • Providing continuing support to the GOH to execute plans and projects as needed within the scope of the project – e.g. project workshops, training, and planning reviews.